At EasyID, we understand that ordering your custom tags with just the right printing layout, is not necessarily a process that can be fully automated online.

This is why we offer a personal call-back service once you place your order with us. During this call, we will confirm the tag sizes, colours and numbers that you selected, and assist you with great ideas for the layout of the printing on your tags.

Once we gathered all the information from you, we will immediately laser etch you some samples and send you a photo of these for approval. Once you’re completely satisfied with the printed samples, we will complete your order and ship it to you by courier within 24 hours. Delivery to major cities takes place overnight, while outlying areas and small towns may take up to 3 working days.

Please remember that our factory closes at 12 pm on Fridays and re-opens at 8 am on Mondays. This is done to ensure that our machines and production line is always maintained and in tip-top condition.

If you prefer to place an order personally, please send us an email to or call Johann Reyneke on +2774 104 5000.