Animal Ear tags

Our ear tags are manufactured, polished and laser etched in South Africa, using high quality polymer plastic beads imported from BAYER in Germany. The tags are available in various sizes suitable for large and small wildlife species, sheep, cattle, goats and other livestock species.

Each tag can be custom laser etched according to you personal preferences, with printing options available at the top, middle, bottom and in the neck of the tag. You can also have your tag branded with a logo or any other information you would like to add for purposes of personal branding. Laser etching is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the tag, with a minimum of 10 years.

Tags printed with a 67mm or 46mm circle is used for the accurate measurement of animal horns and other traits by GameLab from photographs. These tags are exclusively available from GameLab and can be ordered via the links provided on this website.

All our tags are available in the following colours: white, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, red and purple. You will find samples of our wide variety of tag sizes in their different colours in the online shopping section of this site.


Multitagger Applicator

The MultiTagger is an essential tool in applying our entire range of EasyID management, as well as EID tags. Constructed from durable cast aluminium, it features a textured grip for better handling and a deep jaw for correct tag placement.

The MultiTagger comes with a spare applicator pin which can be found in the handle.

For applying management tags, insert the black clip into the jaw of the applicator. When applying RFID tags, the black plastic clip must be removed from the applicator jaw to allow proper application and prevent damage to the tag.


Our 2 x 12mm microchips are manufactured in Switzerland (Certified ISO 9001:2008), according to ISO 11784/11785 specifications and have ICAR approval (International Committee for Animal Recording); meaning they are fully compliant with European specifications and operate at a frequency of 134.2 kHz (+/- 3kHz)

Each transponder comes inside the cannula of its own disposable syringe, which in turn is sealed inside sterile packaging. The shelf life is 5 years and, once implanted, it will last for the lifetime of any animal. The syringe features a click-lock mechanism which gives an audible “click” sound when the syringe has been completely depressed. This ensures that the transponder has completely left the syringe and prevents it from travelling back into the cannula upon syringe removal.

Our microchips are coated with a Parylene coating, which assists in the bonding process to body tissue and greatly reduces the chance of migration under the skin. They are safely encapsulated in a bio-compatible glass and protected with a specialized adhesive to absorb any mechanical shock or vibrations.

Halo Scanner (for FDX-B & FDX-A Microchips)

Cost Effective: Low priced so that you can afford to have a scanner on each farm or in each consulting room

Scanner Angel Enabled: Automatic recognition of missing animals

No Batteries Needed: Rechargeable via a USB cable to a laptop or PC (Not Mac/Linux)

Ergonomically Designed: Small, lightweight and robust. Not intrusive to the animal being scanned

Reads all FDX-B 15 digit & FDX-A 10 digit Microchips: Will display if the 9 digit encrypted chip is detected.

Reads ThermoChips: Will display the temperature from all BioTherm microchips

Effective Read Range: The entire outer edge is the scanning area, allowing a large surface to be scanned in one go.

Reusable RFID / HDX Transponders

The 30mm HDX (Half Duplex) EID Tag with its HDX technology is ISO 11784/11785 compliant and ICAR approved. It features an open cap, re-useable locking mechanism and a unique ICAR approved 15 digit number laser etched onto the tag.

HDX technology offers optimum signal transmission and the greatest reading distance


– ISO 11784/11785 compliant
– ICAR approved
– HDX Technology for optimum signal transmission and reading distance
– Re-useable locking mechanism
– Lightweight (8.8 grams with male pin)


Applicator Adaptor Pin

Our EasyID applicator pin is made from high quality stainless steel and is suitable for use with our MultiTagger applicator.

For use with our complete range of management and EID tags

All-Weather Tag Marker

The ALL-WEATHER® Tag Marker is engineered with a unique formula to etch into plastic surfaces and tags for long-lasting, highly-visible marks. The valve-actuated tip releases the wear-, weather- and UV-resistant ink on demand for smooth, continuous use.

For best results, shake the pen thoroughly, writing the ID once on the tag, letting the ink dry and then writing over the ID a second time.

Medium & fine tips included!


Animal Marking Sticks

The Raidex Animal Marking Sticks are made from special waxes and paraffin oil using only high-quality pigments to achieve an excellent colour quality. They are set apart by effective writing capability on hide, temperature stability, colour intensity and high luminance. The ingredients are harmless for humans or animals.
Packaging and any unused materials can be discarded with residual waste. Contaminated fabrics and/or surfaces should first be roughly cleaned using a cloth and then washed with water and soap/detergent.

Animal marking sticks are used for short-term marking, primarily of cattle, sheep and pigs. The marking remains visible on the upper back of cattle and sheep for approximately four weeks and on pigs for one to two weeks. Please note that markings on sheep are impossible or difficult to wash out. They should therefore be applied in a more suitable place, e.g. head or legs.

Available Colours
Yellow, Orange, Purple, Black, Green, Red and Blue